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Air Vent Secret Compartment

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Brand: Guide Gear


  • QUICK ACCESS: The Guide Gear hide-a-gun air vent acts like a hidden gun safe for your weapon. The vent's slide rail smoothly glides for quick access to your handgun during times of unpredictability
  • REALISTIC: Sometimes hidden storage furniture does not appear to be realistic or legitimate looking. This air vent is constructed to look like your everyday vent, with the wood box being able to mount directly inside a wall
  • FEEL SAFE: The most subtle and simple gun concealment decor that will not raise your guests' eyebrows. Thieves will not bat an eye when it comes to this concealment air vent, providing you a sense of relief from possible suspicions
  • VELVET MATERIAL: Most hidden gun shelfs are made of rough material. Enclosed inside the vent internal wooden box is soft velvet like material to protect the integrity of your weapon. Scratch free storage for your beloved weapon in mind
  • PROTECTION: Having hidden gun safe furniture is a great way to protect your family during dangerous times. Keep your gun safe from others, and access it in times of trouble without raising fear

Details: GO INCOGNITO Guide Gear air vent concealment is designed to be a realistic and normal addition to an average household. To you, the vent is a secret compartment to get quick access to your hidden gun. To thieves and guests, it is simply a functioning looking wall vent. Create the illusion of a perfectly normal looking house item, while having the reassurance that your weapon is hidden and stored for protective purposes. FAST ACCESS The air vent's sliding rail makes it simple and easy to access your gun. Sliding rail glides easily to open and close so that you can reach for your gun or store away your gun in the most practical manner. Enclosed within the wooden internal box is velvet like material that protects the look and design of your handgun. Most gun storages are adorned with solid material that can easily scratch your gun. Our velvet like material cushions your gun to maintain its original look and condition. KEY FEATURES: Wood box mounts directly inside wall Mounts securely between 2 studs Frame is attached to the box via ball-bearing sliding rails Fast access to the hidden internal compartment Inside box size: 12" x 3" x 5.75"h.

Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 9.5 x 4.0 inches