Best Weapons and Weapons Accessories For Sale on Amazon Winter 2022

Shoot Fireballs from Your Wrists

Wrist Flamethrower Fall 2021 

Yes you read that correctly, shoot fireballs from your wrists with these flamethrowers available on Amazon. This has to be every boys dream growing up so pick these up and check it off your bucket list. 

Belt Buckle Knife – Fixed Blade Knife

 Belt Knife Best Fall 2021

Our pick for best fixed blade knife which can be concealed on your belt using a minimalist modular sheath system. This model can be worn both horizontally or vertically on your belt buckle. The skeletonized 420HC frame and blade make this the perfect low profile every day carry knife. Overall Length 6.9 inches Blade Length 3.3 inches.

World’s Smallest Stun Gun

 Best Small Stun Gun Fall 2021

This powerful high voltage stun gun offers a lot of bang in a very small package. The stun gun can fit in the palm of your hand or on a keychain. Very easy to conceal and also comes with a 3 LED flashlight as an added bonus feature. This is the one of the best self-defense weapons for women who want to carry something discretely and also be able to protect themselves.

Carbon Fiber Blow Gun

 Best Carbon Fiber Blow Gun Fall 2021

This is made out of 100% carbon fiber for ultra-light weight but super high performance. The version we have linked here is a 50 caliber which can reach speeds in excess of 300 FPS. Disclosure: Illegal to purchase in California, Massachusetts, or any of the 5 Boroughs of New York. Don’t shoot the messenger (sorry).

Pistol Tactical Crossbow

 Best Tactical Crossbow Fall 2021

This self cocking fiberglass pistol style crossbow is the perfect target practice weapon for your backyard. This comes with a 4x20 scope for optics and 39 aluminum arrows that can be launched at 165 FPS. This is the perfect patio accessory for target practice or small game hunting.

Potato Gun

Best Potato Gun Fall 2021

Another great backyard and/or lake accessory. Stuff your favorite variety of potato into the barrel, spray some accelerant, and let it rip. This particular model sports an optional tennis ball attachment. Imagine launching tennis balls for your dog. Or playing American Gladiators with your buddies. This is a no brainer.


Laser Flashlight Foregrip Combo

Best Foregrip with Light and Laser Fall 2021

If you own a firearm and want the perfect home defense accessory, check out this flashlight laser foregrip combo. This is one of the best vertical foregrip with light and laser combo options on the market. It combines both a 600 lumen flashlight, a foregrip, and a green laser dot sight into one single piece. It can be mounted on a 20mm picatinny or weaver rail.