7 Best Gifts for Gun Lovers - Summer 2022 Gift Guide

7 Best Gifts for Gun Lovers - Winter 2022

 Check out Up North Outfitters 7 Gifts for Gun Lovers below!

Biometric Safe

biometric safe gift for gun lovers

Every gun owner should have a way to secure their firearm when it is not in use. However, they want to be able to get access to it as quickly as possible in the event they need it. A biometric safe solves that problem by allowing the user to open the gun safe with just a fingerprint. Instant access to their firearms.

9mm Hollow Point in Glass

hollow point in glass gift for gun lovers

This 9mm hollow point bullet is suspended in unbreakable high grade acrylic for crystal clear viewing. Awesome addition to someone’s bar, basement, man cave, or garage. All bullets are shot with unique precision for perfect flowering expansion.

50 Cal Bottle Opener

50 cal bullet bottle opener gift for gun lovers

This authentic 50 caliber round bottle opener was crafted using casings that were previously used by the U.S. military. This is a one of a kind bottle opener is sure to start a conversation. Made in the USA by hard working Americans. They were made with durability in mind, so you can rest assured knowing they will crack tops off hundreds of bottles for years to come.

Elite Shooting Performance System

elite shooting system gifts for gun lovers

This is for the serious gun owner in your life. This elite shooting performance system allows the user to hone their shooting accuracy. Sensors attach to the users firearm and it collects movement data before, during, and after each shot, providing real-time feedback on their shooting mechanics through their mobile device or tablet. Complex algorithms review the data and provide feedback to correct the shooters form.

Miniature AR-15 Model 1:3 Scale

minature ar-15 gifts for gun lovers

A perfect gift for gun owners young and old! This miniature 1:3 scale model of the popular AR-15 style firearm is made from authentic die cast metal. It measures 11-13” when fully assembled (depending on what custom accessories have been added). Features include mag release, hand guards come on/off, stock has 3 adjustable settings. The firearm needs about 5-10 minutes of built time and parts snap into place.

American Flag Concealment Cabinet

gifts for gun lovers

This concealment cabinet is handmade here in the United States by a veteran owned company. Not only will this conceal firearms or valuables, it will also look great hanging on the wall. 

Laser/Flashlight Vertical Grip

Best Foregrip with Light and Laser Fall 2021

If your gun enthusiast friend or family member owns an AR-15 this next one is a great option for a gift. This is one of the best vertical foregrip with light and laser combo options on the market. It combines both a 600 lumen flashlight, a foregrip, and a green laser dot sight into one single piece. It can be mounted on a 20mm picatinny or weaver rail. 


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of cool gifts for gun owners out there but we hope you found something in our guide that was useful in your search. Keep checking back for more gift guides!